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Our consultants are experienced in project and change management. Our project / change management methodologies address not only the technological/engineering, financial and planning aspects of the project but also the human side, employing a variety of skills and tools to ensure that the right project is implemented and the impact on personnel and their expectations are managed so that the change reaches the maximum benefit in a minimum of time.

Change ModelKey Skills

Change Model

Idec Validation takes a structured approach to change implementation utilizing numerous tools to provide a high quality, risk-based management and implementation process.

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Key Skills

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This skill is about helping clients, suppliers and project teams to make up their minds and to be aware of the consequences of their decisions.

The outcome of this skill is the commitment of others, an increase in confidence of all those involved and it releases our Project Management consultants to focus on delivering the total project.

Once requirements are defined and agreed, our Project Management consultants take a decisive stance whilst remaining receptive to changing information.

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This is surveying the totality of the project including business politics, the market, goals, technology and progress against plans and budgets, while maintaining a clear appreciation of the whole project.

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Strategic Thinking

This skill comprises the ability to identify key methods of approach which if successfully accomplished will greatly facilitate the completion of the many tasks to be done. Once decided these become the elements of the strategy

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This skill comprises in differentiating those issues having a great potential impact on a project and those not so important

It involves judging people's reliability and commitment accurately from factual evidence and intuition and also in having the courage to thoroughly test personal perspectives with an open mind

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This skill comprises finding the necessary resources to take advantage of an opportunity or to resolve an issue or problem.

It involves organising a network of people, support systems and information but avoids trying to be all things to all situations.

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This skill comprises using personal skills to get things done through people.

It involves being able to use assertive, receptive and charismatic styles appropriately considering the person and situation being influenced.

It also involves knowing the classical dynamics that are present when two people interact and those that are present within an individual.

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Making sure that intergroup relations promote the project rather than drain its energy.

It involves boundary management and understanding the benefits and disadvantages of creating interfaces.

It also involves knowing the classical dynamics that are present when two groups interact.

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Project Management - Implementing change to integrate within an organisation and deliver real benefits